SOFIE online tool piloting in Turkey!

Piloting process of online tool which have been created under Intellectual Output3 was started in all project countries. The online tool is all-important for integration of refugees in project countries and provides effective information for refugees which they can benefit in their daily life. In line with, Mozaik has completed the piloting phase of IO3 with 62 refugees which most of them were women refugees. Refugees had opportunity to have information about SOFIE project (its background, project partners, expected results, etc.) to be aware of services which can apply to increase their integration. Piloting phase was carried out in three sessions in order to ensure effective and easy implementation. Moreover, there were two facilitators in order to provide enough technical support for the users. Participants were involved in the piloting phase by their mobile phones and also the computers which we have provided for them. They gained awareness on how to search information about their integration and access to centers which offer services on the fields of health, education, legal support, sport and child care. They gave close attention to online tool because using online platform was the very first experience for most of them. This piloting phase was essential for the refugees in order to access to necessary information for their adaptation and the services by using online tools and searching internet. Another successful result of this piloting phase, participants were ready to share their experience with other refugees living in Samsun in order to enable them to benefit from this kind application and initiatives. Moreover, facilitators considered this tool as an effective tool for target group and final beneficiaries due to it was the first initiative which have been created with the aim of supporting inclusion of refugees in the local and regional area. According to their feedback, this tool can be role model to develop new initiatives on adaptation of refugee in the host country.