SOFIE Online Tool Piloting has concluded!

The SOFIE Online Tool piloting assessment for the SOFIE – Support for Refugees Families project has recently been completed.

The platform aims to support migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in orientation in the society through an online network in order to know support structures in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Legal support
  • Sport
  • Child care

The piloting of the Online tool, which had the aim of supporting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in their social inclusion process has taken place in all 5 partner countries reflecting each country’s national needs.

In Italy, approximately 60 participants from CAS San Francesco coming mainly from Nigeria, Gambia and Bangladesh, among others, participated in the one-day piloting assessments of the Online Tool.

With the invaluable support of educators and experts from CAS San Francesco, the two first cycles of the piloting phase took place on the 16th and 17th October at the community, while the last cycle was held at CESIE office on the 31st.

The sessions where an opportunity to reflect on origin and host country differences on environments and experiences through non-formal activities. The first half was focused on engaging participants in learning by playing exercises, a getting to know the city game and group reflections. This was meant as a warm up to the second part of meeting: the surfing and testing of the Online Tool. The piloting assessment of the platform happened in three different moments: a guided surfing first; an individual surfing of the tool from the participant’s smartphones, second and its evaluation last.

Piloting Assessment: Results and Next Steps

Feedback results were predominantly positive for all categories. The opinion of the participants regarding the purpose, the adaptability, the ability to support the development of knowledge and the completeness of the platform were assessed very satisfactory.

The piloting is of utmost importance for the SOFIE Online Tool’s improvement in order to meet migrants, asylum seekers and refugees specific needs on access to services around the city. During the following months and once data collection and analysis conclude at partner level, the platform will be refined and updated based on the provided feedback in order to be finalized.