SOFIE meets youngsters in Samsun

SOFIE project keeps encouraging all project partners to offer refugee mothers and children with an opportunity to increase linguistic competences and adaptation skill and partners are taking initiatives to increase the visibility of SOFIE project. In this context, Mozaik visited a local school (which is located in the region having high level of refugee children) in Samsun on 25th October 2018. The conference was carried out by the trainer who has profound experience about migration and inclusion strategies. Moreover, project staff kept him company in order to monitor the reflection of children to the topic, take the pictures and interview with school management in order to determine the families to be involved in Mother and Children Course. Totally 64 primary school students having disadvantaged background and migration identity were informed about the communication skills which can facilitate their integration into the local society. Considering the fact that, disadvantaged children especially having immigration background have communication obstacles which prevent their inclusion in the school environment and local society as well. The methodology given by trainer in the conference was created and delivered considering the learning level of students (especially it consisted of visual items and easy practices on communication techniques in order to make the content of conference comprehensible for them). Children were paid attention to the conference (it was first experience for them to attend in this kind of activity). Moreover, this conference was effective in order to reach refugees families and to determine possible participants to be involved in IO2. IO2 is one of the most important milestones in SOFIE project which provides the course for mother and children (aimed at enhancing linguistic and inclusion skills of refugees) will be carried out in each project partner country. Project staff had a talk with school management to identify families for IO2 and the ways to reach more families for mother and children course).