Have a look to the piloting in Turkey!

Mozaik Human Resources Development has finalized the piloting of Mother and Children Course by a final session with the participation of all trainees and facilitators. The session was effective to review the course process with facilitators and get final feedback from the trainees. 31 women and children refugees were involved in the Mother and Children Course. The methodology delivered to the trainees was framed by facilitators taking account of trainees’ different learning preferences, styles, educational background and competences in Turkish, and the priority was to supply accurate and appropriate tools as needed for the activities and tasks, and to get successful results about the trainees’ progresses. The methodology was to develop linguistics skills of the participants by combining presentation on the topic and language exercises in a practical and dynamic way, homework between sessions and regular review after each session and it was based on theoretical and practical sessions of the four basic language skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening, through common daily situations on ‘’Housing’’ and ‘’Gender Equality’’. At the end of each session, the facilitators overviewed the session and took feedback from participants in order to measure the effectiveness of course session and observe trainees’ progress. Majority of trainees gave close attention to the topics and attended session regularly in order to enhance their writing, speaking, understand and listening skills to be able to communicate with people from local society, to be able to address their children’s educational needs and to access to social services. Moreover, they added that the instructions were clear to understand, and there was regular support and topic repetition when there was any misunderstanding and lack of information.  The course helped the mothers and children participants to develop their abilities to interact with other people having different background as well as progress in their acquisition of the language.