SOFIE Online Tool

SOFIE online tool is the heart piece for information of the project: it will inform migrants, refugees and asylum seekers at computers or their mobile phones where to find next support for different relevant services such as next child care and education institutions, next health care centres, language courses, legal support providers and sport centres. Indeed, the aim of this resource is to improve social inclusion and interaction of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the host communities.

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  • Directions

    Following this link you will have more information about support services in Sweden:

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      Αν είστε οργανισμός και θέλετε να γίνετε μέρος της Βάσης Δεδομένων του Διαδικτυακού Εργαλείου SOFIE, συμπληρώστε την πιο κάτω φόρμα και αποστείλετέ την σε μας.

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