The project

SOFIE is a 30 months project which aims to face the actual European need of social integration of refugee families, as one of the most vulnerable targets to the host societies.

In SOFIE, Verein Multikulturell from Austria, CESIE from Italy, Cardet from Cyprus, Mozaik from Turkey and Folksuniveristetet from Sweden come together to empower and support the integration of refugee families.

SOFIE – Support for empowerment and integration of refugee families



To promote professional, social and cultural integration of migrants and refugees.


To create a holistic set of tools, guides of best practice and curricula for trainings to support the inclusion process of migrants and refugees the most effectively.


To support mother and child interaction for the learning process of second language (L2, the host country language) and important host society knowledge acquisition.


To increase the training of trainers and volunteers working with refugees.

Requests for asylum in Austria in 2016

Migrants and asylum seekers were registered arriving in Italy in 2016

Persons have applied for asylum in Cyprus in 2016

1.7 Million

Turkey’s Syrian refugee population

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